This is a mother Aida Karpatská Hliadka  from Malinovo Slovakia

Our Breeding Kennel Malinovska Alej is a new one, we started this year and got the first wonderfull litter. The mother reached four years of her age on April 2022. We would like to keep one lady puppy, so our breeding kennel Malinovska Alej will have finally two lady dogs.

On August 23, 2022 she gave birth to 7 puppies - five ladies and two boys (black and gold each). All the boys  (Andy, Axel) and two ladies (Arienne,Abbie) already found their new families./puppies-with-new-families

Both parents are very nice, healthy, strong  and careful watch-dogs. Especially the father (Amigo z Domu na Hvezdárni) gets excellent ratings either on exhibitions or on working exams. Aida received also two times  "excellent" at exhibitions and passed some Obedience exams but after that we had no enough time to give her more attention in this field of her activity - mainly because of two small children in the house. Amigo  is also a IFH-1 world champion getting this appraisal recently in Budapest. Both parents are completely negative in DM tests and  the results of  elbow and coxae X-ray inspection were just excellent . You can learn everything usefull on Aida and Amigo through the following link: https://hovawart-klub.sk/ -chovné suky/Aida Karpatská hliadka and  Krycie psy/ Amigo Z domu na Hvezdárni.

Puppies were already checked by the Slovak Hovawart Club representative and all of them comply with Hovawart breed standards .

Two ladies (Aris and Anny)
are still waiting for an attentive and smart families in a new home.